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Clear nasal congestion and relieve blocked noses with BreathEze. BreathEze is an ideal mix of 3 essential oils that are noted for their alleviation of ailments related to ear, nose and throat.


  • Aids clear & easy breathing
  • Great for sufferers of a blocked or runny nose, sinusitis, catarrh, asthma & bronchitis & other similar ailments
  • Essential oils included in BreathEze comprise of Eucalyptus - probably best known for its association with clearing stuffy noses and helping breathing. It is said to have powerful bactericidal and anti-viral actions and acts as a great decongestant
    Peppermint - claimed to help colds and flu because of its warming and stimulating properties which can be especially valuable at the onset of a cold to combat the chills often felt
    Pine – claimed to help in the treatment of respiratory infection. It can work as an expectorant and also assist with sore throats, catarrh and sinusitis. Because Pine has a woody and fresh aroma it makes a powerful combination when mixed with Eucalyptus
  • Can be used in a steam inhaler or just sprinkle a few drops onto a hanky or pillow


  • 10ml


  • 40g

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