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  • Bottle Bird Feeder
    Turn a used plastic bottle into a birdfeeder, with this ingenious little device. The Bird Bottle Feeder can be used on most plastic bottles and creates a small feeding platform for little birds to feed from (or a watering station). Simply fill a clean bottle with your chosen seed, attach the feeding..(Read More)
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  • Easy Lawn Edger
    Keep lawn edges neat and tidy with the Easy Lawn Edger. It’s the perfect, easy solution to smarten up any lawn in minutes...(Read More)
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  • Eze Weeder
    Make light work of clearing weeds from the garden with Eze Weeder. Eze Weeder is a three-piece garden tool that is ideal for pulling weeds from the garden, flower bed, raised bed, planter & more. It has an interchangeable shaft that creates two different sizes of Eze Weeder. A hand tool size for bor..(Read More)
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  • Grampas Weeder
    Grampas pride and joy was his weed puller! A simple lever (and a sore back) was his inspiration for inventing this unique tool 100 years ago in Seattle, USA. For decades it was very popular in the Northwest of America because its simple ingenious design allowed gardeners young and old, to easily pul..(Read More)
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  • Gutter and Grate Cleaning Kit
    Gutter and Grate Cleaning Kit will make clearing leaves and moss from the gutters a quick and easy maintenance task. With 2-in-1 functionality, the semi-circular grabber on its 48″ inch pole allows the debris to be pulled towards you, whilst the gutter shaped scoop ensures simple removal of debris f..(Read More)
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  • Gutter Care Cleaning Brush
    Clean and clear your gutters with ease with the Gutter Care Cleaning Brush. Cleaning gutters is a chore most people hate, but our Gutter brush gives you the perfect means to clear gutters of leaves and debris quickly and easily. The flexible brush head can be angled to fit the shape of your gutter w..(Read More)
  • Gutter Mesh
    Gutters and downpipes can easily become blocked by leaves, twigs, moss and other falling debris. This can lead to damaged and leaking gutters. Avoid expensive repair bills by attaching Gutter Mesh. Gutter Mesh is easily installed using the fixing clips provided and works with all gutters up to 15cm ..(Read More)
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  • Hammer-in Stone-Look Garden Edging
    Keep lawns and flower beds neatly separated with this attractive hammer-in edging. Made from strong, flexible & long lasting ABS material, each section locks into the next creating straight or curved shapes around trees, shrubs, lawns and flower beds. Eliminates the need for constant lawn edging, tr..(Read More)
  • Katcha Bug Spider Remover
    Simply a must-have item for anyone who does not like creepy crawlies! The award-winning Katcha Bug Spider Remover is the ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders, insects and more at arm's-length without mess or harm. ..(Read More)
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  • Lightweight Long-handled Garden Shears
    Lightweight Long-Handled Shears are made from a tough aluminium alloy and because they are ultra-lightweight can be used for long periods without feeling the strain...(Read More)
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  • Paper Pot Maker
    A great way to recycle old newspapers is to simply turn them into biodegradable pots with this ingenious Paper Pot Maker. Made from 100% FS Certified wood the Paper Pot Maker allows you to plant and transplant seedlings without damaging their delicate roots..(Read More)
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  • SpeedFeed for Growbags & Planters
    SpeedFeed for Growbags & Planters is an amazingly simple and completely effective way of delivering exactly the right amount of food and water to your growing plants, straight to the roots, without disturbing and washing away the surface compost...(Read More)
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  • Telescopic Patio Weed Clear Brush
    Get rid of those unsightly, unwanted weeds from patios, paths or block paving easily and effortlessly with the Telescopic Patio Weed Clear Brush. The angled wire bristles get into the grooves and cracks between driveways, paving slabs and decking with ease...(Read More)
  • Thingamadig
    One of the most versatile tools you could ever own – the Thingamadig is an essential gardening tool to keep in your shed or tool box. Perfect for beginners or professional gardeners alike, the Thingamadig is the only hand digging tool you’ll ever need...(Read More)
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  • Weed Clear Brush
    This ingenious Weed Clear Brush is the perfect solution for getting rid of those unsightly, unwanted weeds from patios, paths or block paving easily and effortlessly. Get into the Cracks between paving slabs, wooden decking and more with ease...(Read More)
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  • Weed Control Fabric
    Keep weeds at bay with the Weed Control Fabric. Ideal for use under chipped bark, pebbles, gravel or decking. The Weed Control Fabric lets nutrients and water through to the plants whilst suppressing the growth of unwanted weeds...(Read More)
  • Wild Bird Feeding Station - Complete Set
    Invite all your feathered friends to the garden all year round and enjoy watching them feed with this Complete Wild Bird Feeding Station. The RSPB recommend using bird stations in the garden and this product will attract many different types of wild birds...(Read More)
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