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  • Butterfly Magnets
    These stunning, realistic Butterfly Magnets will look lovely attached to your window! They make the perfect gift for all butterfly collectors..(Read More)
  • Cake Cutting Wire
    Split cakes evenly, quickly and simply with the handy Cake Cutting Wire. It ensures that you have a professional finish every time...(Read More)
  • Cake Decorating Set - 100 Piece
    Like to bake? Take it to the next level with this 100 piece Cake Decorating Set. It features everything you will need to create beautiful masterpieces, all in one concise set...(Read More)
  • Cake Lifter
    Made from high quality stainless steel this professional Cake Lifter is perfect for transferring even the heaviest of cakes easily and safely onto cake stands, plates or into storage containers...(Read More)
  • Cake Stencils
    Decorate cakes the easy way with the Cake Stencils. Be the envy of all your friends with cakes that look like they have been hand-painted for a professional look....(Read More)
  • Cake Tester
    Bake cakes to perfection with this stainless steel Cake Tester. A must have item in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Camera Connection Kit
    Share photos with your friends and family and transfer all your media with this 5 in 1 card reader for IPad 1, 2 & 3! This card reader features a USB and two card ports, allowing you transfer photos between your IPad and other digital devices...(Read More)
  • Canvas Hanging Wardrobe Organiser
    Save space and keep you wardrobes tidy and organised with the Canvas Hanging Wardrobe Organiser. This heavy-duty, hard-wearing organiser has plenty of room for all kind of clothes. ..(Read More)
  • Capillary Matting
    Keep your plants watered whilst on holiday with the Capillary Matting. The excellent capillary matting feeds a constant supply of water direct to the roots of plants. It is ideal for watering greenhouse and indoor plants as it is economical, virtually automatic and saves a great deal of time and ene..(Read More)
  • Car Charger
    Charge your IPhone whilst on the go with the Car Charger, simply plug into your cigarette lighter and away you go...(Read More)
  • Car Dog Hammock
    Protect the entire backseat and foot wells of your car from spills, mud and dog hairs with this hard-wearing Car Dog Hammock. With adjustable straps that attach around the headrests, the Car Dog Hammock cleverly covers the void of your backseat foot wells to protect your pet from injury in the event..(Read More)
  • Carpet Grips - Pack of 4
    Keep your rugs and mats firmly in place, with these specially designed Carpet Grips. These purpose-made Carpet Grips simply stick to the back of any mat or rug and the gentle yet strong and sharp plastic spikes lock onto the carpet pile to prevent any dangerous movement..(Read More)
  • Carpet Installer
    Ensure your carpet is firmly in place with the carpet knee kicker. This knee kicker features an ultra wide aluminium head with replaceable grippers, and has a strong, steel teeth construction. With an adjustable teeth depth setting, this knee kicker can be used on carpets with different thicknesses...(Read More)
  • Carpet Sweeper
    The perfect answer to a quick sweep without having to drag out the vacuum! Compact and lightweight, the Carpet Sweeper has an efficient rotating sweeping brush and the added benefit of easy-glide wheels. Also, no trailing cables makes the Carpet Sweeper a much easier and safer option to use and at l..(Read More)
  • Casio Alarm Clock
    The perfect clock to take when travelling! The compact and stylish Casio Alarm Clock has illuminous hands and numerals so that the time can be seen in the dark...(Read More)
  • Cast Iron Mincer
    Make your own mince from prime cuts of meat to create tasty bolognese, meatballs, lasagne, beef burgers, sausages and shepherds pie with the Cast Iron Mincer...(Read More)
  • Cat Scratching Post
    Give your cat hours of fun with the Cat Scratching Post!  It helps to keep your cats claws healthy and trimmed and away from your furniture...(Read More)
  • Ceramic Baking Beans
    Stop your pastry case from rising with these Ceramic Baking Beans, complete with a beautiful glass storage jar. Beans conduct heat evenly to prevent bubbles and shrinking for blind baking, these ceramic baking beans are the perfect accessory for your home baking...(Read More)
  • Ceramic Composter
    The classic Ceramic Composter, made from stoneware, reduces kitchen waste by composting teabags, egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings directly from your worktop. The integral carbon filter ensures the waste is odourless. The useful carry handle also enables quick and easy transfer to the garden ..(Read More)
  • Ceramic Frying Pan
    Frying just got easier and healthier with the Ceramic Frying Pan. This non-stick pan requires minimal oil. It's a joy to cook with and its even easier to clean...(Read More)

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