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The Best Things Direct provides a vast selection of essential Home Solutions and Accessories, pratical solutions for a range of everyday household problems from storage units to decorating equipment & tools, home electricals to ladders, dehumidifiers to useful side tables and more! 

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  • Plant Movers
    This is an essential accessory that can enable you to easily place and re-locate all of your planters throughout your home; inside as well as outside .The Plant Mover, featuring 3 swivel wheels for easy manoeuvering, will help make moving heavy plants simple and quick whilst reducing unnecessary mus..(Read More)
  • Plug Mates
    The Plug Mate is specially designed to wrap around each plug enabling you to identify and pull out the right plug everytime. The Plug Mate is also great for anyone who has a poor grip...(Read More)
  • Precision Screwdriver Set
    The perfect tool for all those detailed jobs. The Precision Screwdriver Set is an ideal all-round kit, ideal for use in and around the home or workplace...(Read More)
  • Radiator Bleeder
    Bleed those radiators simply and easily with the Radiator Bleeder. Just attach this simple device, turn the key and the drops of water will run into the container, no more mess...(Read More)
  • Rechargeable Dehumidifier
    If you want something that works fast on damp or condensation in your home, then the Rechargeable Dehumidifier is just for you. By absorbing excess moisture from the air, the Rechargeable Dehumidifier can help protect your household and personal items from damage and staining caused by damp...(Read More)
  • Rug Gripper Tape
    Secure rugs, mats and runners etc. to all floor surfaces, even carpets, without causing damage with the Rug Gripper Tape. It will help prevent those dangerous turned up edges which can be a tripping hazard...(Read More)
  • Screwdriver Bit Set - 100 Piece
    One of the most comprehensive bit sets that is available! With all its different sized bits the 100 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set will not let you down when it comes to finding the right piece. This set would suit the professional tradesman or even the novice DIY handyman trying to build a tool collecti..(Read More)
  • Security Bit Set
    The 33 Piece Security Bit Set is the perfect set to have for repair and maintenance on electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment. The set is packed in a handy plastic storage case...(Read More)
  • Sewing Kit - 210 Piece
    Looking for that perfect, practical gift or an ideal sewing set to have readily available?  The 210 Piece Sewing Kit includes everything you need, whether for a beginner or sewing enthusiast...(Read More)
  • Sewing Threads
    This bumper pack of 100 Sewing Threads makes a great addition to any sewing basket. A good mix of dark and pastel colours, they are ideal for hand or machine sewing. The set includes 12 free self-threading needles in assorted sizes...(Read More)
  • Shoe Stretcher
    The wooden Shoe Stretcher can be adjusted for both width and length and includes 4 attachments to further expand the lshoe where it is needed most. Designed to fit either shoe (left or right) it is completely adjustable to fit most shoe sizes...(Read More)
  • Shredder Scissors
    Get rid of those important documents with ease with these handy Shredder Scissors. The Shredder Scissors will help you protect your identity by effortlessly cutting through sensitive and confidential information..(Read More)
  • Sink and Drain Cleaning Rod
    Dread having to pay those costly plumbing bills for a blocked up drain? Invest in a flexible Sink and Drain Cleaning Rod, the handy little gadget for unblocking sinks, showers, drains and toilets. No household should be without one!..(Read More)
  • Sink Plunger
    Remove blockages from bath and sink waste pipes easily with the Sink Plunger. This handy little gadget that will hopefully keep you one step away from needing a plumber!..(Read More)
  • Sink Snake
    The fast and effective way to clear slow-moving or blocked drains! With the amazing Sink Snake, you can wave goodbye to unwanted hair clogging up your bathroom drain and watch the water escape freely and quickly once again...(Read More)
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    The ultimate home safety pack that provide household protection from smoke, fires, and carbon monoxide. The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms are compact and easy to fit, providing discreet protection...(Read More)
  • Solar Film
    Solar Film is a soft, flexible, space-age fluro-plastic that adheres to any window in minutes. Stays in place electro-statically and leaves no marks when removed. Its special bronze-tinted composition filters out harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation by up to 80%, dramatically reducing heat build-up an..(Read More)
  • Surge Adaptor
    Protect sensitive electronic equipment from the damage caused by power surges with the 3 Way Surge Adapter. Ideal for use with audio/video equipment, computer equipment and other electrical appliances...(Read More)
  • T Shirt Folder
    Fold your T shirts the fastest and easiest way with the T Shirt Folder for a perfectly organised wardrobe. All items are folded uniformly in the same size and the folding board keeps items wrinkle free. You’ll wonder how you managed without one..(Read More)
  • Table Mate
    The perfect, versatile home table that can be adjusted to almost any task in the home or garden. Table Mate easily adjusts to fit your body size, the activity you are doing and the chair you are sitting in, making it a must have item for every household...(Read More)

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