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The Best Things Direct provides a vast selection of essential Home Solutions and Accessories, pratical solutions for a range of everyday household problems from storage units to decorating equipment & tools, home electricals to ladders, dehumidifiers to useful side tables and more! 

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  • Draught Buster
    Keep your rooms insulated and draught-free with Draught Buster. The Draught Buster is a unique, patented design that simply slides on the bottom of the door and moves with it, unlike the draught snakes that need putting back in front of the door every time you open & close them! The Draught Buster f..(Read More)
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  • Drawer Dividers
    The perfect solution to those messy drawers! These handy, adjustable Drawer Dividers easily slot together making any size compartments that you choose...(Read More)
  • Earring Storage Caddy
    Store and organise all your earrings in the folding Earring Storage Caddy. The handy caddy allows you to see at a glance what pair of earring you will want to wear. The concertina-style screen can be neatly arranged on any dressing table or folded flat to stow away in a drawer...(Read More)
  • Fito Green Again
    The perfect product to feed and care for ornamental plants is Fito Green Again. Fito Green Again contains nourishing amino acids for strong, healthy-looking, resilient plants. The iron helps to restore the green colour to yellowing foliage. Regular use helps to prevent ferric chlorosis (yellowing of..(Read More)
  • Fix-A-Drawer
    Do you suffer from the all too common problem of drawers sagging with age & weight of the contents? Fix-A-Drawer is the perfect solution to a very common problem. Not only does it lift a sagging drawer base, it also pulls the drawer back into its original shape. This unique device means you can repa..(Read More)
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    Based on 5 reviews.
  • Fix-A-Pipe
    No need to call a plumber and pay for expensive emergency call-outs with Fix-A-Pipe, The simple solution to leaking pipes! It repairs and stops leaks in seconds even without having to turn the water off. Simply fit the bracket around the pipe, ensuring the rubber stopper is over the hole and tighten..(Read More)
  • Flexi Reading Light
    Enjoy reading anywhere with the portable Flexi Reading Light. The flexible arm allows you to position you're lighting anywhere you want it...(Read More)
  • Stop furniture scratching and scraping on wood, tile and laminate floors with the Floor Furniture Protector Pads...(Read More)
  • Glue Gun
    The perfect choice for arts, crafts and general D.I.Y! The glue gun has a pistol grip with precision trigger control for all those intricate, precise jobs...(Read More)
  • Helping Hand Magnifier
    With its fully adjustable arms and strong crocodile clips to enable the user to hold the work at whatever angle is required, the Helping Hand Magnifier is the users “third hand” enabling hands free work. To help with the delicate work it comes complete with a 60mm diameter magnifying glass. This pro..(Read More)
  • Hook and Loop Sticky Pads
    The perfect alternative to nails, screws & glues, the self adhesive Hook and Loop Sticky Pads are a must have item in any home, perfect for use in the home, car or garden. The strong hook and loop fixing can be reused thousands of times...(Read More)
  • Indoor TV Antenna
    Receive excellent reception for digital TV and radio with this Indoor TV Antenna. With a standard coaxial connection, it can be easily used with almost any portable or living room television set...(Read More)
  • Interior Dehumidifier
    Help stop damp, mould, mildew and condensation with the Interior Dehumidifier. Specially designed to remove any excess moisture from the air, it can absorb up to 3 time its own weight in water...(Read More)
  • Lap Desk with USB Light
    This practical and unique, light-weight Lap Desk with removable USB Light is the perfect accessory for any laptop, book, craft work & more. Whether studying, reading or involved with a multitude of hobbies this Lap Desk affords ease and flexibility of use. It's so versatile, once you have it you’ll ..(Read More)
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  • LED Clip On Book Light
    The ideal light for travelling and reading in the dark! The LED Clip On Book Light clips onto any book, eBook reader, iPad or Kindle...(Read More)
  • Led Light-Up Reading Aid
    Enjoy your favorite book anytime, anywhere with the Led Light-Up Reading Aid. A portable book reading light panel that is a new way to read without bothering anyone else...(Read More)
  • Lint Remover
    Make your clothes look like new again with this handy Lint Remover. Every home should have one!..(Read More)
  • Lint Remover
    Fed up of dog or cat hairs all over your clothes! The Lint Remover is the answer, it removes lint, hair and debris from clothes, furniture etc. All homes should have one!..(Read More)
  • Lock and Block
    Securely lock your door and block unwanted intruders with Lock ‘N’ Block. It gives added security and peace of mind for your home and family. Easy to fit with no tools required, it simply attaches to the top of your door and around handle to prevent the door being opened whilst you’re inside. It's a..(Read More)
  • Magnetic Insect Door Mesh
    Keep your home bug and insect free with the Magnetic Insect Door Mesh. Keep even the smallest of bugs and insects out of your home whilst allowing fresh air to circulate...(Read More)

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