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  • Silicone Muffin Tray
    Anyone who loves baking will know using silicone bake ware is so much easier than using traditional materials. Make the perfect muffins with the Silicone Muffin Tray, the perfect baking companion...(Read More)
  • Silicone Square Pan
    Anyone who loves baking will know using silicone bakeware is so much easier, which makes this Silicone Square Pan from Master Class, an essential item in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Simmer Ring
    Prevent liquids from boiling over with the stove top Simmer Ring. The stove top Simmer Ring diffuses the heat evenly to allow simmering and is ideal for use when making sauces, custards or when heating milk. The ring also protects saucepans from scorching, burning, cracking and overheating...(Read More)
  • Slide Out Storage Tower
    Need extra storage space? The Slide Out Storage Tower is the answer, designed to fit in between kitchen cupboards and appliances, to give extra space in small spaces. It’s great to store cleaning products, detergents and food, and because it’s on castors it slides in and out easily. It’s made from s..(Read More)
  • Soft Grip Herb Roller
    Chop herbs quickly and safely with the Soft Grip Herb Roller from Master Class. There is even a blade protector, so when it comes to storage, blades are safely covered away...(Read More)
  • Soup Maker
    A handy device to have in any kitchen. Make homemade soup in minutes with the electric Soup Maker, perfect for healthy and convenient cooking!..(Read More)
  • Spatulas
    These spatulas feature a durable, flexible rubber head for scraping the inside of bowls and pans to quickly and easily remove all of the contents. The head bends to the contours of bowls and pans so all of the mixture is removed without fiddly scraping...(Read More)
  • Splatter Guard
    The heavy duty, rigid splatter guard is perfect for preventing those messy and dangerous splatters of hot food, oil and water on skin, clothes and cooking surfaces during cooking...(Read More)
  • Splatter Screen
    This will be your best friend when baking! No more sticky mess to clear up. Prevent splattering and mess when using an electric or hand whisk with this Splatter Screen. It is a useful addition in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Splatter Shield
    This Microwave Splatter Shield from Easy Cook not only helps to stop food drying out but helps to keep the microwave clean too. Made from tough clear polycarbonate plastic that is stain and odour resistant. Its non-stick and dishwasher safe. It covers all sizes of dishes..(Read More)
  • Stainless Steel Potato Ricer
    Love mashed potato but hate lumps? This Deluxe Potato Ricer from Master Class is the answer for lovely smooth, creamy mashed potatoes. It comes with a manufacturer’s 5 year guarantee. It is part of the Master Class award winning collection that guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking...(Read More)
  • Stefani Water Purifier
    A great alternative to bottled water! These terracotta Water Purifiers are ideal for any home or workplace. Simply place the Stefani Water Purifier on your work top or table and you can enjoy crystal clear, fresh water on tap...(Read More)
  • Stoneware Mixing Bowl
    The Kitchen Craft traditional, tried and tested Stoneware Mixing Bowl is perfect for mixing and food preparation. The bowl has a lipped rim and integral handles for ease of use. The bowl also features a flat sided panel to lean on worktops, making mixing easier and allowing you to mix, whisk to perf..(Read More)
  • Tea Infuser
    A fun shaped Tea Infuser that’s sure to brighten your day. It makes the perfect cup of tea and means no more monkeying around with teabags!..(Read More)
  • Thermal Gravy Boat
    The Thermal Gravy Boat is an attractive, yet highly practical, addition to any dinner table. Keeping you gravy warm for up to 2 hours, the Thermal Gravy Boat sees the end of pouring cold gravy over your second helping! ..(Read More)
  • Three Tier Cooling Rack
    The Three Tier Cooling Rack is the perfect item for cooling homemade batches of cakes or biscuits without tying up counter space...(Read More)
  • Three Tier Cupcake Carrier
    Carry and display your delicious cupcakes in style with the Three Tier Cupcake Carrier. With an airtight lid, the carrier ensures your cakes stay fresh, allowing friends and family to eat till the carrier is empty!..(Read More)
  • Three Tier Steamer
    An essential item in cooking and promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle, the Three Tier Steamer is a beautifully designed piece of cookware. Steaming helps retain vitamins, minerals, flavour, colour, and texture in food that is often lost when boiling and the integral three tier system allows comple..(Read More)
  • Toastabags
    Make the perfect toasted sandwich in a pop-up style toaster in minutes with no mess and no fuss with the Toastabags...(Read More)
  • Towel Door Rail
    This instant storage solution can be installed in seconds - and provides an attractive and simple way to store tea towels, hand towels and cloths...(Read More)

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