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  • Ceramic Baking Beans
    Stop your pastry case from rising with these Ceramic Baking Beans, complete with a beautiful glass storage jar. Beans conduct heat evenly to prevent bubbles and shrinking for blind baking, these ceramic baking beans are the perfect accessory for your home baking...(Read More)
  • Ceramic Composter
    The classic Ceramic Composter, made from stoneware, reduces kitchen waste by composting teabags, egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings directly from your worktop. The integral carbon filter ensures the waste is odourless. The useful carry handle also enables quick and easy transfer to the garden ..(Read More)
  • Ceramic Frying Pan
    Frying just got easier and healthier with the Ceramic Frying Pan. This non-stick pan requires minimal oil. It's a joy to cook with and its even easier to clean...(Read More)
  • Ceramic Frying pan
    For a healthier alternative for low fat cooking use the Ceramic Frying Pan. This non-stick pan requires minimal oil. It's a joy to cook with and it’s even easier to clean...(Read More)
  • Cheese and Chutney Serving Set
    Make cheese and biscuits a real feature dessert with this Cheese and Chutney Serving Set. This is a perfect centre piece for any table!..(Read More)
  • Chocolate Fountain
    This stylish Chocolate Fountain is the perfect addition to any party. Easy to set-up and fun to use - your guests will love it! Just fill the base with melted chocolate, turn on the motor and experience pure heaven...(Read More)
  • Colander Scoop
    Strain, drain and scoop food straight from a pan or oven dish quickly and efficiently with the Colander scoop..(Read More)
  • Compost Pedal Bin
    Easily recycle and reduce your kitchen waste with this compact Compost Pedal Bin with an integral odour absorbing carbon filter. Perfect for composting teabags, egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings directly from your worktop...(Read More)
  • Cooker Hood Filters
    Trap grease before the air is filtered to keep your hood clean with the highly effective Cooker Hood Filters. Designed for use in cooker hoods linked to an outside air duct they can also be used in re-circulating hoods..(Read More)
  • Cordless Electric Peeler
    Peel vegetable and fruits rapidly and effortlessly with the Cordless Electric Peeler. Great for anyone suffering from arthritis in their hands...(Read More)
  • Corner Plate Rack
    Organise plates and get the most out of your kitchen storage space with the Corner Plate Rack. The Plate Rack holds a variety of different sized plates and dishes. It fits nicely into a corner and stays out of the way but keeps those plates easily to hand...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Corer
    This easy to use Cupcake Corer makes perfect holes for filling cupcakes with your own delicious fillings...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Decorating Pen
    Decorate and personalize your cakes artfully with the Cupcake Decorating Pen. The pen makes it as easy as writing, no spills or smears. It’s the practical, fun way to create delicious looking baked treats for all occasions...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Set
    Bring a touch of style and fun to the party table by decorating and displaying those delicious cupcakes at their best with this enchanting Cupcake Set. The table centre-piece features silver-coated wire spirals twisted into a stylish tower design with 4 tiers. The display securely holds each cupcake..(Read More)
  • Cupcake Stand
    Show off your homemade cupcake creations in one of these beautifully designed swirly Cupcake Stands; it will make the perfect centre-piece for any occasion and is sure to impress your guests...(Read More)
  • Defrost Tray
    Defrost frozen food safely, naturally and in minutes with the Defrost Tray. The secret is the super conductive metal the tray is made from. It absorbs natural heat and energy in the air and then releases it directly into the food, resulting in deliciously moist food full of natural juices for maximu..(Read More)
  • Dish Drying Mat
    Get extra drying space for your all your pots and pans with the highly absorbent microfibre Dish Drying Mat. It can hold up to 4 times its weight in water and will cushion all those delicate glasses and dishes...(Read More)
  • Disposable Icing Bags
    Perfect piping is easy and fun with these amazing Disposable Icing Bags. Extra strong and disposable for convenience, these clear plastic piping bags are ideal if you already own an assortment of icing nozzles as the end of the bag can be cut to accommodate any size, plus there’s no messy cleaning u..(Read More)
  • Divided Frying Pan
    This non-stick Divided Frying Pan is ideal for cooking favorites such as eggs, sausages, bacon and steaks without needing a different pan for each, as well as preparing individual portions in different oils and sauces...(Read More)
  • Double Hot Plate
    A great alternative to traditional gas burners and hobs. The Double Hot Plate is ideal for cooking with a limited space and is portable so you can choose to cook anywhere you like, easy to store & easy to clean...(Read More)

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