Home Mate

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  • Revolving Punch Pliers
    Need an extra hole in a belt? The Revolving Punch Pliers are the ideal choice for making holes in so..
  • Rocking Foot Rest
    Relax and rock away those aches and pains and rest tired feet with the Rocking Foot Rest. The Rockin..
  • Rug Gripper Tape
    Secure rugs, mats and runners etc. to all floor surfaces, even carpets, without causing damage with ..
  • Screwdriver Bit Set - 100 Piece
    One of the most comprehensive bit sets that is available! With all its different sized bits the 100 ..
  • Sewing Threads
    This bumper pack of 100 Sewing Threads makes a great addition to any sewing basket. A good mix of da..
  • Shower Feet
    No more bending to clean your feet! Shower Feet sticks firmly to the bottom of your shower or bath t..
  • Shredder Scissors
    Get rid of those important documents with ease with these handy Shredder Scissors. The Shredder Scis..
  • Silver Cleaning Mitt
    The Silver Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep your silver items looking like new. Impregnated with..
  • Sink and Drain Cleaning Rod
    Dread having to pay those costly plumbing bills for a blocked up drain? Invest in a flexible Sink an..
  • Sink Plunger
    Remove blockages from bath and sink waste pipes easily with the Sink Plunger. This handy little gadg..
  • Sink Snake
    The fast and effective way to clear slow-moving or blocked drains! With the amazing Sink Snake, you ..
  • Slide Out Storage Tower
    Need extra storage space? The Slide Out Storage Tower is the answer, designed to fit in between kitc..
  • Solar Film
    Solar Film is a soft, flexible, space-age fluro-plastic that adheres to any window in minutes. Stays..
  • Storm Force Pegs
    Keep your washing safe and secure on the washing line even in the strongest winds with the Storm For..
  • Surge Adaptor
    Protect sensitive electronic equipment from the damage caused by power surges with the 3 Way Surge A..
  • T Shirt Folder
    Fold your T shirts the fastest and easiest way with the T Shirt Folder for a perfectly organised war..
  • Table Mate
    The perfect, versatile home table that can be adjusted to almost any task in the home or garden. Tab..
  • Tabletop Ironing Mat
    Iron anywhere in the home or when travelling without an ironing board, with the Tabletop Ironing Mat..
  • Telescopic Ladder
    The clever new alternative to conventional ladders! The Telescopic Ladder opens rung by rung to the ..
  • Templater
    The Templater is a must have item for any DIY enthusiast. Forget about time wasting calculations, me..