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  •  Easy Grip Long Handled Nail Scissors
    Cut those hard to reach toe nails easily and minimise stretching with the Easy Grip Long Handled Nail Scissors. They are designed to give a comfortable grip and add an extra 8`` to your reach, allowing people with swollen fingers or difficulty in bending or reaching to safely cut their toe nails all..(Read More)
  •  Gel Lined Bunion Protector
    Help relieve bunion pressure and pain with the ultra thin, lightweight Gel Lined Bunion Protector. The Bunion Protector features a strategically placed TPR gel pad to provide soothing cushioning and protection. It fits on either left or right foot and is worn beneath regular hosiery and footwear...(Read More)
  • 7 Day Pill Organiser
    Keep your medication safe and organised with the 7 Day Pill Box. Clearly marked with Morning, Noon, Evening and Bedtime, it will ensure that anyone with multiple medication requirements will not forget which tablets to take and when. Also provides a check on medication that has been taken...(Read More)
  • Anti-Snoring Nose Clip
    No more sleepless nights for you or your partner! The Anti-Snoring Nose Clip is the perfect solution to effectively help prevent the user from snoring...(Read More)
  • Automatic Soap Dispenser
    Suitable for all liquid soaps, the Automatic Soap Dispenser makes washing your hands easier and more hygienic than traditional pump soaps. The built-in sensor detects when your hand is in place so you don’t need to touch the unit with dirty hands. It automatically dispenses the correct amount of soa..(Read More)
  • Baby Soother Holder
    Keep those babies soothers clean and on hand at all times with the authentic Ed Hardy Baby Soother Clip...(Read More)
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    No need to visit the doctor simply to obtain a blood pressure reading! Monitor and keep records of blood pressure whenever required with this easy-to-use and fully-automatic Blood Pressure Monitor...(Read More)
  • Bra Hook Extenders
    Increase your bra’s back strap for an even more comfortable fit with the Bra Hook Extenders.Don’t buy a new bra - Just extend your current one!..(Read More)
  • Bunion Correctors
    Relieve discomfort and prevent the strain which causes bunions when using Bunion Correctors. The anatomically-shaped splint, which is designed to be worn at night, gently holds the big toe in its correct position while you sleep. Simply place the big toe into the padded cradle, then pull the one-tou..(Read More)
  • Bunion Toe Spreader
    Gently realign toes and give much needed relief from excruciating bunion pain with the Bunion Toe Spreader. Enriched with mineral oil and soothing aloe vera to prevent friction and pressure around the bunion joint. Simply slip over left or right big toe and the separator cushion fits comfortably bet..(Read More)
  • Clip-On Magnifiers
    Turn your regular glasses into powerful magnifying glasses with the Clip-On Magnifiers. With 2.5 magnification they are perfect for close up work and hobbies as well as enlarging the small print in newspapers, magazines etc...(Read More)
  • Copper Cure Tape
    Help get rid of those aches and pains with Copper Cure Tape. The benefits of Copper have been prized since the dawn of time for its anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is an essential item for anyone who suffers with bone, muscle and joint aches and pains...(Read More)
  • Copper CureFeet
    Help to get rid of those aches and pains with the specially designed Copper CureFeet. Copper is a natural, drug free solution, well-known for its anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties. The insoles can be worn all day, every day...(Read More)
  • Disposable Hand Warmers
    Keep hands and fingers toasty for up to 6 hours with the air-activated Disposable Hand Warmers. No shaking or kneading required; just open the package and put in your glove or pocket for a few minutes to start the process..(Read More)
  • Easy Pull-On Sock Aid
    Need help pulling on tights and socks, then the Easy Pull-On Socks Aid is the perfect choice for you, it helps to put on socks and tights without bending. With a nylon lining to reduce friction it holds the sock firmly until it is on the foot. A great aid for people with limited dexterity and mobili..(Read More)
  • Easy Stepper
    Ideal for those who experience difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time, the Easy Stepper aids with exercise, blood circulation and blood pressure, without having to stand at all. From the comfort of your armchair, you can easily keep your blood circulating without the need to over exert yo..(Read More)
  • Electric Under Blanket
    Keep those winter chills at bay and stay snug and warm all night long with the Electric Under Blanket...(Read More)
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
    The compact, portable 47 piece Emergency First Aid Kit, in a useful zip-up case is the Ideal choice for home, travelling, walking and camping etc...(Read More)
  • Family First Aid Kit
    Ideal for all family minor first aid treatment, the Family First Aid Kit is an essential item to have in the home, car, camping and caravanning...(Read More)
  • Foot Survival Kit
    Protect heels from shoes that slip and rub with the Foot Survival Kit. They provide all day comfort for any shoe and also cushion your feet against blisters...(Read More)

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