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  • Fluttering Butterfly
    An ideal gift for all butterfly lovers!  Simply place the Solar Fluttering Butterfly outside above your plants and flowers and sit back and watch it fly...(Read More)
  • Flying Lanterns - 5 pack
    Celebrate a special event, one you & your guests will not forget by launching these beautiful Chinese Flying Lanterns into the night sky! Flying Lanterns make a stunning and enchanting sight as they sail away for all to see & enjoy. Pack of 5...(Read More)
  • Foldable Wash Basin
    The Foldable wash basin is perfect for camping, travelling and use around the house and garden. Ideal for washing up and personal washing, it also makes a brilliant travel water bowl for dogs...(Read More)
  • Folding Table
    The lightweight, durable Folding Table is the perfect table for all your needs and is ideal for picnics, camping, or any outdoor/indoor activity where a portable table is required...(Read More)
  • Folding Trolley Cart
    Whether you are moving items around at home or in the garden or bringing you're shopping in from the car, the Folding Trolley Cart is the ideal solution. The perfect aid for moving heavy and awkward loads without worrying about damaging your back!..(Read More)
  • Folding Water Carrier
    Ideal for camping, caravans or trips with pets, this Water Carrier has a non leak on/off tap for controlled use. When empty it can be folded away so can be easily used as a back pack essential. You will wonder how you ever did without it!..(Read More)
  • Fruit Cage
    Fed up with birds eating all your fruit? If so then this practical walk in Fruit Cage is the ideal solution. It’s ideal for small fruit trees and bushes and much more...(Read More)
  • FX Pro 1W Flashlight
    No more fumbling about in the dark with the YS Pro 1W Flashlight, a reliable, high performance and heavy duty torch offering powerful illumination. Ideal for walking, hiking, camping and festivals as well around the house and in the car...(Read More)
  • Garden Arch
    Elegant and stylish this Garden Arch will make a great addition in any garden. Great for roses and other climbing plants and even string lights, it's ideal for framing garden entrances and pathways or creating a stunning focal point, it will certainly brighten up any garden...(Read More)
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  • Garden Archery Set
    Practice your archery skills with the Garden Archery Set. A fun game of skill that’s sure to become a real family favourite. The Garden Archery set comes complete with a free standing target, a bow, three 'sucker' arrows and an arrow case, two blow pipes and three darts.. Easily portable, it's also ..(Read More)
  • Garden Clock
    This traditional style Garden Clock makes a perfect addition to any outdoor setting.  It features an integrated thermometer to accurately measure the temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit...(Read More)
  • Garden Compendium
    Keep the kids entertained outside with The Garden Compendium 5 games in 1. It will provide many hours of activities for your family during summer evenings and those long school holidays...(Read More)
  • Garden Composter
    Recycle all garden and kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost with the Garden Composter. The Garden Composter is an easy to store composter which doesn’t need to take up valuable garden space all year round – simply foldaway after cleaning for easy storage...(Read More)
  • Garden Darts
    Spend hours of fun out in the garden with this classic game of skill, Garden Darts. The game is played on a much bigger scale with the darts measuring 31 x 9cm. It’s suitable for adults and children of all ages and is sure to be a winner with family and friends. The quality Garden Darts have metal t..(Read More)
  • Garden Dibber
    Make light work of preparing holes for seeding and planting small bulbs with the Garden Dibber. It is an essential tool for any gardening enthusiast and this handy tool will help prepare well for a new season's growth...(Read More)
  • Garden Draughts
    Ideal for all outdoor events this all-weather Garden Draught set is a perfect garden accessory. Garden Draughts are designed to be played with by all ages and offers a fun and easy experience for all involved...(Read More)
  • Garden Fork
    Strong, lightweight and affordable, this quality Garden Fork is an essential tool for any gardener. The one-piece design means the handle won't loosen and the fork won't bend at the neck when digging into tough soil. Ideal for working soil in gardens, borders, and containers. Made from strong, light..(Read More)
  • Garden Kneeler and Seat
    Getting up and down for garden & DIY chores can be quite a strain on both the back and knees, especially in wet weather. This clever, soft but robust Garden Kneeler and Seat is a handyman’s (or handywoman's!) boon. Made of strong steel tubing, designed around a raised, soft, comfortable kneeling pla..(Read More)
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  • Garden Netting
    Protect all seeds, seedlings, vegetables and soft fruit etc. from birds and small animals with the all-purpose Garden Netting...(Read More)
  • Garden Obelisk
    The perfect decorative plant support for all climbing plants, flowers and vegetables. This Garden Obelisk is manufactured by the leading Greena™ brand and is of the highest quality...(Read More)
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