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  • Aluminium Preparation Table
    This Lightweight Aluminium Dining/Preparation Table really is ideal for camping, picnics or even a trip to the beach. With 4 adjustable height positions, so no matter your height there will be a position for you!..(Read More)
  • Aluminium Sighting Compass
    This handy Aluminium Sighting Compass is the ideal aid for walking, hiking, orienteering etc...(Read More)
  • Analogue Water Timer
    Automate your garden watering system with the Analogue Water Timer. Simply attach your water timer in with your watering system for your garden, and you will no longer need to worry about having time to water your plants, as the timer will do it automatically for you once programmed...(Read More)
  • Animal Away
    Deter unwanted animals from entering your garden with Animal Away. With PIR and ultrasonic sound waves to detect and keep any potential pests from your garden without harming them...(Read More)
  • Anti-Nausea Wristbands
    Millions of us suffer from travel sickness caused by the motion of aircraft, trains, cars and boats, making trips abroad a nightmare. Relieve the discomfort caused by motion sickness with these Anti-Nausea Wristbands...(Read More)
  • Bamboo Edging
    Bamboo Edging will enhance any garden. Decorative yet pratical, it is suitable for both curved and straight edges. Ideal for edging paths, lawns and flowerbeds, this Bamboo Edging will keep soil, gravel and bark in its place whilst preventing grass from growing over into flower beds...(Read More)
  • Banana Parasol
    Protect yourself and your loved ones from scorching sunshine with the Banana Parasol. The special over-hanging design of the Banana Parasol provides shelter from all directions and helps to protect from damaging UV rays. Also Ideal for providing shade over specific areas in the garden - children's p..(Read More)
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  • Battery Powered Pump
    Inflate and deflate all household and camping inflatable essentials, quickly and easily with this compact high volume Battery Powered Pump...(Read More)
  • BBQ Cover
    Keep your BBQ's protected from rain, snow, wind and sun with this tough, woven polyethylene BBQ Cover. The perfect cover to lengthen the life of your BBQ, and give you complete peace of mind...(Read More)
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  • Beach Shelter
    The lightweight Beach Shelter is a must have item for those hot sunny days at the beach for protection from the sun and wind...(Read More)
  • Bean and Pea Netting
    Provide just the right amount of vertical and horizontal support with the Bean and Pea Netting. It ensures optimum growth and yield from crops. It allows peas and beans to grow through easily and will flex and stretch allowing it to be shaped over supports easily...(Read More)
  • Bee Kind™ - Bee Feeder
    Attract Bees into your garden and support a struggling species. Colourful & robust, weather-proof construction that can either be hung or placed on a flat surface..(Read More)
  • Bench Cover
    Keep your garden bench protected from rain, snow, wind and sun with this tough, woven polyethylene Bench Cover. It will help keep your garden bench looking good for years and give you complete peace of mind...(Read More)
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  • Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit
    Dealing with a flat tyre couldn’t be easier with the Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit. It has everything you need to mend a puncture...(Read More)
  • Big Hands
    Make collecting leaves and garden waste easier and quicker with the Big Hands. These sturdy, lightweight plastic Big Hands really are a gardener's friend...(Read More)
  • Bio Slug Mini Pellets
    To reduce the damage caused by slugs and snails around  edible and non-edible plants use Bio Slug mini pellets...(Read More)
  • Biotek Compost Maker
    Turn grass, garden waste and left over fruit and veg into nutrient rich compost, with Biotek Compost Maker. Simply dilute the solution into a watering can and sprinkle onto your compost heap or into your compost bin and the natural enzymes and microorganisms will accelerate the breakdown of material..(Read More)
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  • Biotek Greenhouse Cleaner
    This Greenhouse Cleaner is so eco-friendly, it will revolutionize the way you tackle the big annual greenhouse clean up when your wash, scrub and generally give your garden greenhouse a thorough going over. The key ingredients of the Greenhouse Cleaner liquid are derived from plant extracts and as s..(Read More)
  • Bird Hotel
    Attract a variety of birds into your garden with the Bird Hotel. The fun and novelty wooden Bird Hotel provides a fantastic place to rest, recoup and nest for those weary birds, whist adding rustic charm to any garden!..(Read More)
  • Bird Peanut Feeder
    Bring your garden to life with this contemporary, modern alternative to traditional, tubular feeders, this Peanut Eye Bird Feeder is a must have item for any bird lover...(Read More)

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