All Natural Pond Treatments

March 2019
March is the month where we start venturing out into the garden to see what the Winter months have brought. March is also the month we (hopefully) notice temperatures starting to rise, and with this rise in temperature we can also expect to see an increase in Algae growth in our ponds. Water can often appear murky and green and you may also notice sludge forming at the bottom and surface scum floating on the top.

If you have fish plants and other wildlife nearby then successfully and safely treating the issues can be problematic. Our range of All-Natural Pond Treatments are designed to tackle the problem effectively, efficiently and safely.

Greena ® All-Natural Pond Treatments

This all-natural range of pond treatments is an essential part of your still-water pond maintenance. Safe to use with fish, birds and other wildlife, these treatments will help keep your pond water crystal clear. Made in UK. Each one 500ml – enough to treat 12,500 litres.

Algae Treatment – Beneficial bacteria naturally clear green water from ponds by removing nitrates, depriving algae of the nutrients that they need to thrive

Sludge Remover – Beneficial bacteria actively consume sludge which collects at the bottom of the pond. Best to use after Greena® Algae Treatment

Blanket Weed Treatment – Beneficial bacteria naturally clear blanket weed from ponds by removing nitrates, depriving it of the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Blanket weed is a more complex algae and this formulation is compatible with all other bio-natural products in this range

Instructions for use:

Calculate the volume of your pond (Width x Length x Depth) and convert this to litres (1 cubic meter = 1,000 litres). You will need to use 10ml of product for every 250 litres of pond water. The ideal method is to take water from the pond, using a watering can if you have one, then add the required product back into the pond in stages by diluting down and then sprinkling over the surface of the pond. Do not simply pour the solution straight from the bottle into the pond.

A little bit of info about Algae (if you’re interested)

Algae are primitive plants that do not have true leaves, stems or roots and reproduce by spores, cell division and fragmentation. They develop from excess nutrients in the water and need sunlight to grow.

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