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  • Defrost Tray
    Defrost frozen food safely, naturally and in minutes with the Defrost Tray. The secret is the super ..
  • Disposable Icing Bags
    Perfect piping is easy and fun with these amazing Disposable Icing Bags. Extra strong and disposable..
  • Divided Frying Pan
    This non-stick Divided Frying Pan is ideal for cooking favorites such as eggs, sausages, bacon and s..
  • Dry Air Cooker
    A new healthy way to cook! The Dry Air Cooker has a funnel in the centre that allows super-heated ai..
  • Easy Multi Slicer
    Quickly slice or grate fresh foods and produce in seconds. The Easy Multi Slicer and Grater has 4 ch..
  • Egg Poaching Bags
    For healthy, perfect water poached eggs every time use the Egg Poaching Bags. They make poaching egg..
  • Egg Slicer
    Slicing hard boiled eggs has never been so quick and easy with the Egg Slicer. Get even slices in se..
  • Egg Timer
    Get your eggs cooked to perfection every time with this neat and novel little Egg Timer. Simply plac..
  • Extending Oven Shelf
    Maximise the space in your oven and add an extra shelf with the Extending Oven Shelf. The adjustable..
  • Fat Trappers
    Make grilling meat even healthier with the Fat Trappers. The unique foil surface allows all the exce..
  • Food Containers - Set Of 3
    Keep your food fresh in these plastic sealable set of 3 rectangular Food Containers. Ideal for packe..
  • Food Slicer
    Quick & perfect slicing every time. This revamped and much larger version of the traditiona..
  • Food Storage Set - 5 Piece
    Keep foods fresher for longer with this air, moisture and liquid tight, 5 Piece Storage Set, it's a ..
  • Food Umbrella
    Protect all types of food and treats from dust and insects with the Food Umbrella. This conveni..
  • Four Way Pan
    Save energy, money and washing up by cooking up to 4 different kinds of vegetables, rice and pasta s..
  • Fridge Thermometer
    Check the temperature of you fridge regularly with the Fridge Thermometer. This simple little liquid..
  • Glass Dishes
    The perfect set of Glass Dishes, use them for serving and storing food. Each dish has its own bright..
  • Halogen Oven
    Save time and energy when cooking with the Halogen Oven. The Halogen Oven is an all in cooking solut..
  • Heavy Duty Oven Liner
    Oven Liners are perfectly designed to catch any spills which would otherwise land on the base of you..
  • Herb Scissors
    Make light work out of cutting and preparing home grown herbs with these Herb Scissors; the five bla..